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sábado, 26 de maio de 2012

Fab Trend - Peplum

Everything began in Greece. The peplum word comes from the greek word "peplos", which means tunic. "Peplos" was the ancient garment which consists in a rectangular fabric put around the body. shaped in it and drapped in waist.

Peplum was created in 40/50th decade, by the famous Christian Dior, who made a re interpretation of traditional greek garments. He created the "new look" which soon became an historic fashion icon. The peplum is a Maison Dior trademark and was applied at least , in one piece in all of his collections.
This fab trend, already showed many times in international fashion shows, quiclky became powerful again. It's very versatile, gives a special and positive highlight to feminine waist, and by time of chosing the perfect match, discrete and tight clothes, win.

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  1. gosto mt deste post, informaçao q nem toda a gente sabe ;)

  2. Gosto imenso desta tendência! :)
    Realça muito as curvas de uma mulher :p


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